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Medical Ear Piercing  in Highlands Ranch CO

Littleton Pediatric Medical Center looks forward to answering any questions regarding ear piercings being right for your child at your next office visit.

What is Medical Ear Piercing, and At What Age Can You Get Your Ears Pierced?

A trained professional performs medical ear-piercing in a sterile environment versus in a retail store setting where things may not be as hygienic, and there is a likelihood of infection.

A piercing can be done either with a sterile piercing gun that is spring-loaded to push the earring rod through the ear or with a hollow point needle that can leave a small hole when pierced through the ear.

Either way is effective, and depending on the patient, there is usually very minimal blood loss and slight pain as though the ear was pinched hard.

The American Academy of Pediatrics lists no firm age as the earliest age for piercing. Most doctors agree that a child should have a series of two Tetanus shots before ears are pierced.

Littleton Pediatric Medical Center offers piercings after your child has reached the age of six months. It is recommended that if a child under the age of two is getting their ears pierced, use a flat design earring with a screw-in locking base that can't be taken out with little hands.

Piercing Aftercare

The ears may be sore, red, and slightly swollen after piercing. Cleaning the ears daily with mild soap and water will help keep the ears clean of any fluid buildup or blood resulting from the piercing. Watch for these signs of infection.

  • Red ears/hot to touch
  • Swollen ears beyond what is normal
  • Thick/smelly drainage

Call our office immediately if any of these signs of infection are present. Keloids or excessive scaring should also be watched in older children getting piercings. Younger children do not develop this scaring.

Aside from cleaning, our doctor recommends leaving the piercing posts in place for at least six weeks for earlobe piercings and several months for cartilage piercings. These piercings can close very quickly if posts are not left in place. Even after six weeks, it's recommended not to leave earrings out for long because the holes will close.

It is important to pay attention to the types of metals used in your child's earrings. Hypoallergenic materials are best to prevent allergic reactions.

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