Dr. Bublitz retirement

After forty four years of practice, Dr. Bublitz is retiring from the practice of pediatric medicine!  The following is a letter she has written for all of her patients:
To my Patients and their Families,
As of September 30th of this year I will be retiring from my practice at Littleton Pediatric Medical Center.  I do this with a great degree of sadness, but also a deep sense of satisfaction for having been so fortunate as to practice my beloved specialty for so many years.
To know so many of you on such an intimate basis - to be part of your life - and watch so many of you grow from the tiniest of newborns to thriving adults is an experience I will always cherish in my heart.
As I hang up my stethoscope I do want to thank all the people I have known on this incredible journey for being such an important part of my life.
The doctors at Littleton Pediatrics will gladly continue to care for my families.  In addition, they have hired Dr. Stacy J Ostapko, who will be joining the group full time on October 1, 2018. She will be a good fit for many of my patients.  Thank you again for the opportunity to watch your family grow.
Deborah K. Bublitz, M.D., FAAP